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English Teacher : Abderrahmane Dakir

CEO 1NEWLOG Education since 2003.
Having Master Europeen es Sicences of new information and communication,
English certificates for Beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Author : Learning English through poems for Beginners and Learning English through stories for Beginners. Publishing on and

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Tel. : 00 212 6 62 63 73 05

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What People Say

Dee Dauphinee
American Novelist

“I sort of stumbled onto Mr. Dakir's writing about a month ago while researching something completely off-topic. A few lines of one of his poems was in the content of the search engine, and they grabbed onto me. Though I was short on time, I felt compelled to visit his site. I'm glad I did. I am a fan now. I love his poetry; its meter, simplicity-its honesty. I am a lover of the writings of Jalaluddin Rumi. I can't say that Dakir is there yet, but in 200 years, he might well be. It's lovely that we get to read him now, when he is alive and writing as a contemporary. His short stories are delightful, but as I say, I am taken by his poetry...and poetry is where the heart is. I highly recommend anything by written by him. ”

Sonia Cook
English Teacher

Mr. Dakir Abderrahmane points out to us, through his short stories and poems, that there are many key facets, aspects and perspectives to life. Dakir’s stories and poems bring each one of us a sense of reformatting ourselves as individuals and as whole entities on our personal journeys through both life’s ups and troublesome times. Dakir reminds us of life’s basic notions and elicits from us our own internal stories, that we all share and have in common with each other, despite our differences: as individuals as well as a collective wholes. There is a somewhat grounding and sobering yet calming and dreamy effect felt through Dakir’s words, which makes the read a good time to escape and enjoy a world of short stories. I hope you enjoy reading as much as Mr. Dakir enjoyed writing for you.