Khalid is an old man, famous for his acts of volunteerism in the biggest city in Morocco; Casablanca. He lost his brother in an accident last year on the highway, so he has decided to visit places which have people who are suffering, whether in body or mind.


Chapter 1 : Accident Patient

The first visit was to the hospital. When he opened the door of accident emergency, he noticed a young man laying on the bed.

Khalid asked "What's your name?"

"Ali," the patient replied.
"Could you tell me what happened to you, please?"

"I was at a party with friends, after I left I was driving home but I was speeding; it was raining heavily, my car crashed into a tree, then I remember nothing," Said Ali.

"What moral did you learn after that day?" asked Khalid.

"I learned that My God loves me as a father loves his sons. If a son does bad things, his father punishes him because he wants his son to do better. I have been a bad young man, I have spent many nights with bad women, drunk a lot of wine, haven't prayed, have not followed in your footsteps and so have sinned against God. I have been so selfish, I didn't care about my family, about people, I gave no money to the poor. I have focused on myself, I don't really fully notice others," said Ali.

"Compassion allows you to really focus on others rather than on your own reflection. When we do things that are caring and loving, we feel more love in return," Said Khalid.

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