A Father's wish

Miss Mouna lives in a modest and a big family, she is the eldest of four sisters, She is in her 20s, she is attractive, she has a fair complexion, eyes as golden brown, brown hair too. She dresses and is well spoken. Outside on the sidewalk she walks elegantly and confidently, everyone who sees her, thinks she is wealthy.

After graduating from the most prestigious university in the biggest city in Morocco - Casablanca , her first aim was to find a job. Mouna is an Economic major, she sent her résumé to so many companies in order to find a position that would enable her to use her knowledge ; but she got no reply.

She has to earn her own spending money. She is sick and tired of asking her father all time for spending money. She is feeling a little blue. It’s frustrating to be unemployed, after studying for more than 20 years.

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