Life forever
Chapter 1 : Meeting

Amine sat in the café and savored his coffee. Before he started his work at eight thirty in the morning, he liked to take a rest at eight o'clock in the morning for a while.

Today is/was special for him. He had made up his mind to meet his friend Mustapha by six o'clock in the evening at a nice restaurant.

Amine was in hurry and so excited to meet his friends. He wanted to ask him about an amazing and philosophical subject. He had a burning question.

Mustapha has/had been working as teacher for years. He is/was calm and has/had a relaxed look about him.

After they ordered the food, Amine asked his important question.

" Could you, Mustapha, explain to me the meaning of life?" Mustapha was astounded, he hadn't expected this question, he was shaking in his shoes and it was giving him the creeps. He tried to find an answer. He thought about his past life.

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