Money and Children

Mr Jawad is a rich man. However, he was raised in a poor family. He has worked as a manager in his a famous company in Casablanca for twenty years. His sons have been given key positions in international companies.
Mr Karim is a wealthy man. He also has worked as a manager in his famous company however karim's son took drugs.

Chapter 1 : Karim's family was in shock

Mr Karim is sixty years old. He is elegant. He always wears expensive suits, new shiny shoes. He is tall. He has a fair complexion, dark black eyes, and curly black hair. He is handsome.

When he calls his customers, he is very kind but when he is with his employees, he speaks loudly and he is aggressive. He believes in one thing, money is the root of all problems.

Karim's wife is called Amina. She is attractive. She has big, blue eyes, silky wavey black hair. She is tall, intelligent and cheerful.

After working long exhausting hours he returns home to his wife, Amina . Over dinners, each evening they resume their discussions about new projects and ideas that will make them more money. They are money mad. Both of them focus solely on money, from eight o'clock in the morning to eleven o'clock in the evening.

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