Mother's hope

I was married in my 20s, I was eager to have a baby. I came from a big family, we were five sisters so I early decided with my husband Nour to start a family.

Two months later, I was pregnant. I was very careful , I would not hurt my baby so I ate a healthy food, slept well, smiled, made me happy by reading jokes in magazine, breathed deeply a fresh air in the park, left a smoking place. I was proud of my baby. Once I saw him, my eyes lit up. It was love at first sight. I was head over heels in love with him. I was nuts about him. It was an amazing time. I'm crazy about him. We called him Rabia.


During one year I breastfed my son Rabai. I didn't sleep well anymore. I thought for him all days. I asked myself, " Did he eat well?, Did he sleep well?, was he Ok?." When he laughed I laughed too, when he cried I cried too. When he fell sick I fell sick too.

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