Mr.Brahim is the richest man in my city, he owns the biggest company , which he built from scratch. He was born in the porrest house. His will as strong as iron, he has accomplished all his goals. His path was a straight one, he has followed his path until the end, his sight as his mind, clear, from his face you can see that he has a clear conscience which shines out like a bright light as a candle in the dark.

He has two sons, the elder who worked as manager in father's company, is called Mr. Karim, he sat in the office all day long. Earning many millions of dollars a day.

The younger son, who worked as doctor and had been given many responsibilities, is called Mr.Mourad. He performed many surgeries a day and was known to be hard- working.

Mr. Brahim fell very sick and took himself to hospital, they put him in room number one, all alone in it. That evening, the rain was heavy outside as heavy as his heart. It was dark.

He felt so weak, and he whispered to himself : " My end is like my beginning, I was a weak baby, now I'm a weak old man. Alone as this empty hospital room. All my life, I worked like a dog, I should have taken a rest. I used to receive over hundred calls a day. Today no one calls for me, my sons are ungrateful, they work as hard as me. For them time is money. If I hadn't left my family to work, I would have spent more time with them. The short time that we were together is worth more than my life. Today, one truth I've figured out that family is more valuable than money, more valuable than time that I used to spend earning more money, I should have taught them a lot about emotion, about love, about feelings that control all our senses …. Right now money is worth nothing to me ". His tears flowed like rivers down his face. He was shaking and scared by this end.

Later, Narjis Brahim's wife hurried to his beside, She was very sad, her heart beat faster and faster when she saw her husband.

She leaned on Brahim's shoulder, kissed his forehead, "One thing I've missed the most is your smile, you have the most beautiful smile and soul." "Forgive me my dearest, I wasted a lot of time working, If I had listened to you, I could have enjoyed more, we could have traveled together more." Brahim said.
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