The Soul Owner


Mr. Jamal is a young man. His dream is to visit the most powerful person on this Earth. Be that in matters of the heart, money, health or resources. Mr. Jamal is a thoughtful and stubborn person. When he wants to do something, he does it.

Chapter 1 : King of hearts

Jamal is engaged to a girl called Donia who is calm and romantic. Today, she took Jamal to a nice restaurant, inside there were a red candles on the tables, there was also a singer who sang romantic songs, the singer played soft music with just a lute. The light was a warm glow and wonderful. The waiters were very kind. Jamal and Donia had a good time together.

Jamal told Donia that he had decided to visit the king of hearts and he asked her, "Do you have any idea why I have decided to see this king?"

"Today, the king of hearts is the most famous soccer player …., the most famous actor…., the most famous singer…." said Donia.

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