The Truth Behind Romantic Love

I sang soft lullabies when I was child. I liked seeing the blue sky on sunny days, I was completely free. My heart and my mind were taken by no one. It was a blissful time in my life. Later, I had a crush when I was sixteen years old, then I experienced my own love story. I fell in love with someone, then I suffered because my desire was just a hope and not yet a reality. I changed that magic equation by living my love life based on love.

I was in a science class, my teacher asked us to discuss a new experiment that we had done. At recess, a female classmate stood up beside me. She was attractive. She had the fairest complexion I had ever seen, curly blonde hair, large green eyes; pretty smile…Her face was in front of my face, we looked into each other's eyes. Then I felt a weird feeling run through my body. It was the first time her smile had aroused me. I fell in love. Suddenly, the bell rang.


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