Wisdom Tooth

Last week, my tooth hurt when I was lying on my bed. I was impatient to wait till the next day, so I took some medicine in order to feel better.

As Joyce Meyer said "patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you're waiting."

In the morning, I called the dentist office at the first time.

"Hi, Could I have an appointment right now? My tooth really hurts," I said.

"If your tooth seriously hurts, you can come right now, my schedule is tight today but your case is our priority," the dentist secretary replied.

I went ahead to the dentist office. I found just one patient in the waiting room. The seat was pretty old but comfortable. The sun shone through the window, it made the room so romantic, the place was bright and quiet. I liked it so much. I preferred to wait by reading a small documentary book which I brought with me, as usual.

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